Friday , December 3 2021

Sighisoara Cultural Tour

Visit the birthplace of Dracula in the Sighisoara Cultural Tour

The Sighisoara Cultural Tour is the perfect place to start if you are fascinated about history. Did you know that Vlad the Impaler was born here? He ruled Romania in the 1400s. He was also born in one yellow house in Sighisoara, in 1431. Later on, he became a great ruler. Bram Stoker tried to portray him in a sinister way. But Vlad’s ties to Transylvania are, in fact, rather loose. Join the Sighisoara Cultural Tour and find out what is myth and what is truth about this place.

The guild towers and the Old Town – reminiscents of olden medieval days

Sighisoara Cultural TourApart from immersing in Dracula’s history, Sighisoara still has much more to offer. It used to have many guilds: the tanners, the rope makers, butchers, tinsmiths, tailor, boot makes and others. The Sighisoara Cultural Tour will unravel everything for you. The guildsmen constructed some defense towers. Each tower still has the name of a guild. The members of the guilds had to build and maintain their fortification. They were supposed to intimidate the Tatars and the Ottomans, in the event of a siege. The towers are not open to the public, but we can walk the stone arches at the base.

Start with the Sighisoara Tour and see what it has to offer

This is a tour that accommodates private groups only. The Sighisoara Cultural Tour is perfect or both families and private groups of people. If you’re travelling by yourself, you can still book with us. However, there are Group Discounts available. This means that, the larger a group is, the less you will have to pay per person. Why not take advantage of our offer? Visit Transylvania’s most charming city. You’ll definitely return with stories to tell and might even come back soon!

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